HC Deb 03 March 1885 vol 294 c1909

(for Sir H. DRUMMOND WOLFF) asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether persons who, in view of an approaching Election, defray the expense of holding meetings, to be addressed by a particular candidate in order [to promote his return to Parliament, are guilty of an "illegal practice," unless such expenses are paid through an election agent, and included in the Return of Election Expenses; and, what would be the consequence if such illegal practice were committed with the knowledge and consent of the candidate?


in reply, said, he hoped he should not be considered guilty of any discourtesy if he declined to answer the Question. He was asked to explain the law on the subject; but any Member of the House was as capable of answering the Question as himself. Many text-books had been published upon the matter, amongst them one by the hon. and learned Member for Chatham (Mr. Gorst), which gave very full information, and which were open to every Member of the House. Whilst he should be most happy to render any hon. Member any assistance he could by answering any Questions put to him, such communications should be of a personal character, and not by way of obtaining a fuller exposition of the law.