HC Deb 03 March 1885 vol 294 cc1909-10

asked the Secretary of State for War, Upon what principle, if any, the Militia Regiments to be embodied have been selected; whether the regiments in question offered to do their duty; whether such offer of service is necessary in the ease of the Militia, and expected from Colonels commanding to insure embodiment; whether it was not originally intended to embody Militia Regiments when wanted under a system which required the two affiliated Line Regiments to be out of the Country; and, whether this has been carried out now?


(who replied), said: Militia battalions have been selected for embodiment which belong to territorial regiments having both their Line battalions abroad. Militia battalions are embodied as required, and quite irrespective of any offers on their part. No offer is necessary or expected. The principle referred to has been followed, so far as the embodiment of Infantry battalions has proceeded.