HC Deb 02 March 1885 vol 294 cc1753-4

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, If he will state or furnish a Return showing what are the salaries paid (without regard to distinctive title) to the senior or head clerks of Inland Revenue, and to the senior or head clerks of Customs, at the ports of Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Londonderry, Limerick, and Waterford; and, whether the duties of these officials are not similar in their nature; and, if so, why they are not put on an equality in the matter of salary?


The salaries of the Inland Revenue officers referred to range from £245 to £300; those of the Customs officers from £220 to £500, two of the present holders, however, having personal salaries of £600. It is not admitted that the duties of the two sets of men are exactly analogous. I agree with the implication of the Question that officers performing similar duties should receive corresponding salaries; but it does not follow that the lower salary should be increased.