HC Deb 02 March 1885 vol 294 cc1756-7

asked, If attention has been called to the Annual Report and Accounts of the Governor of the Queen Anne's Bounty Fund for the year ending the 31st December 1883, especially to the charges of management at page 7; and, whether the funds may not be more liberally dealt with for the augmentation of poor livings, by curtailing the aforesaid charges of manage- ment, and expending the profits of each year on the objects for which the Society has its existence?


The gross charges of management are stated to be £9,217 12s. 11d. Taking the Governor's receipts and payments as a whole, the expense of management for the year 18S3 has been approximately £11s. 8d. per cent. The affairs of the Corporation were inquired into by a Select Committee of the House of Commons in 1868, and the recommendations made by that Committee have been carried into effect. The Committee of 1868 reported that the business of the Board appeared to be carefully and well conducted.