HC Deb 30 April 1885 vol 297 cc1100-1

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether it is true that a letter, dated 15th November 1878, was sent from the Local Government Board to the Belfast Board of Guardians, requesting to be informed how the Guardians propose that the expenses in the purchase of additional land for enlarging the Holywood Burying Ground should be charged, having regard to section 234 of "The Public Health Act, 1878;" whether it be true that the Guardians passed the following resolution in reply:— That the Electoral Divisions situated in the county Down portion of the Union, with the exception of that portion of the Ballymacarrett Electoral Division included in the borough of Belfast, he the proposed area upon which to charge the expenses of purchasing the additional land referred to; Whether it be true that, although the aforesaid resolution was neither disapproved by the Local Government Board, nor rescinded by the Belfast Board of Guardians, the Guardians nevertheless, on the 28th January 1879, fixed a rate of one penny in the pound, under the Burial Grounds Act, on the rural portions of the Union, both in Antrim and Down, outside the borough of Belfast; whether it be true, as alleged, that that rate was made on the 24th June 1879, and levied without any sealed order from the Local Government Board, as required by section 234 of "The Public Health Act, 1878;" and, if so, whether, without a sealed order, the Guardians had any power to levy a burial rate; whe- ther it be true that the purchase-money for two acres additional land to Holywood Cemetery, and the cost of enclosing it by a wall and gate, was paid out of that rate; whether it be true that, after the Board of Guardians had paid £428 16s. 3d. for that purpose, the Local Government Board in November of the same year handed over the cemetery to the Holywood Town Commissioners as the Burial Board, without securing the repayment of any part of the aforesaid money; whether it be true that, although the county Antrim is separated from the said cemetery by Belfast Lough and the borough of Belfast, and can derive no benefit from it, that the ratepayers have been compelled to pay about £250 of the entire cost of extensions; and, whether the Local Government Board will direct their auditor to inquire into and make a report on this subject?


The circumstances detailed in this Question have been the subject of a correspondence which appears to disclose a case for a further inquiry, and the Local Government Board will proceed to make it.