HC Deb 30 October 1884 vol 293 cc541-2

I am about to throw myself upon the indulgence of the House. I was betrayed into a statement with respect to an individual which involved a criminal charge. I will state the words I used. They were— I would merely say that I am informed that the right hon. Gentleman the President of the Board of Trade was not present at the Aston riots; that Mr. Schnadhorst was not present, but that the leaders of the riots were from South Staffordshire, and were led by Mr. Tangye. Obviously the charge of leading such a riot as that involves a criminal charge. I have received the following letter from Mr. Tangye, which, with the permission of the House, I will read:— Gilberstone, Bickenhill, near Birmingham, October 28, 1884. Dear Sir,—You were good enough to mention my name in the House last night. Allow me to inform you that whoever gave you your information about me, gave you false information, a course of proceeding not unusual with Birmingham (and other) Tories.—I am, yours truly, RICHARD TANGYE, London. C. N. NEWDEGATE, Esq. I beg to thank the House for having allowed me to read this letter, and to state that, though inaccurate, my information did not come exclusively from Birmingham Tories.