HC Deb 30 October 1884 vol 293 cc542-3

said, he observed a Notice of Motion on the Paper by which the Government were to have precedence over Orders of the Day and Notices of Motions for the different stages of the Representation of the People Bill. He had a Motion down for Tuesday next, which was of very great interest to the people of Ireland, and in regard to which he might say he had, he believed, the unanimous support of the Irish Members, in addition to having the whole Irish Press, and, he believed, the whole Irish people. That Motion asked for a Select Committee to inquire into the condition of Irish Industries. His object was merely to have the Committee appointed this Session, in order that next Session their labours might commence. He would ask the Prime Minister, whether he had not heard him say that where the wishes of any people were almost unanimous, and did not conflict with any Constitutional principle, he thought the wishes of that people ought to be considered? In deference to the right hon. Gentleman's own judgment—


The hon. Gentleman is not entitled to enter into debatable matter.


The Question is a long one, and I must apologize. I would ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he can give me any facility to bring forward my Motion?


said, he was not prepared to say—and he thought he should be departing from the distinct engagements under which they lay to the House if he were to say—that in reference to to a day for a particular Motion they would consent not to ask the precedence which they intended to ask for the stages of the Representation of the People Bill. No doubt, the Motion touched a subject of great importance. But there were many other subjects of great importance in respect of which a similar request might be made. What he suggested to the hon. Baronet was that he thought this question might very well stand over until they had disposed in that House of the stages of the Representation of the People Bill. The hon. Baronet had stated that he did not look for making practical progress this Session by the sitting of the Committtee; and he could not suppose it improbable that after the stages of the Representation of the People Bill had been disposed of the hon. Baronet might find an opportunity for moving his Motion, or for putting to him a Question, which he should not then find the same difficulty in answering.


I beg to withdraw my Notice of Motion, and give Notice that I will bring it on in Committee of Supply.