HC Deb 21 November 1884 vol 294 cc136-7

asked the Secretary of State for War, Is it the case that the Circular regarding the examination of Surgeons Major for the rank of Brigade Surgeons was issued three and a-half months ago, viz. 1st August 1884, and that during that time no vacancies have been filled up; is it the case that several senior officers are now, in consequence, losing two shillings and sixpence a day, and the right to retire on five shillings a-day higher pension; what arrangements, if any, have been made to carry out these examinations; and, when may the officers who signified their intention of presenting themselves for the examination expect to be examined?


Vacancies in the rank of brigade surgeon have not been filled up since the issue of the Circular on the 1st of August as to the examinations. The officers among the senior surgeons major who have to be examined are serving in all parts of the world; and the promotions cannot take place until all their examinations have been held and have been considered. But as the promotions will be antedated to the time when the vacanies severally occurred, the officers promoted will not be injured by the delay. The Home examinations are fixed for the 27th and 28th instant, those for the Colonies on the 1st of December, and in India as soon as arrangements can be made.