HC Deb 17 November 1884 vol 293 cc1827-8

asked, If the attention of the Government had been called to the state of the public searching room of the Registry of Deeds Office?


said, that he had upon this Question to call attention to the state of the public searching and reading room; and he would ask the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, If he is aware that serious complaints have been made by those who are compelled to use the present Public Reading Room at the Registry of Deeds Office, Ireland, of the want of space, and of the offensive and unhealthy character of the atmosphere when the room is crowded; and, can he state why, up to the present, nothing has been done to carry out the recommendations of the Royal Commissioners in respect of the improvement and enlargement of this apartment made in their Report on the Office issued so long ago as the year 1880; and, will steps be taken immediately to remedy the existing state of things?


was understood to state that complaints had been received upon this subject, and inquiry was made some time ago as to whether the public search-room could be enlarged; but it appeared this could not be done until the Probate Registry had been removed. This, it was hoped, would soon be done, and plans for the enlargement of the Deeds Office would then be at once considered.