HC Deb 07 August 1884 vol 292 cc109-10

rose to ask the honourable Member for Swansea, Whether, seeing that the Bishopric of Bristol Bill, if it became an Act, would, in the opinion of members of the Church of England, promote the spiritual benefit of the Church, that it would take no money from the State, that it would not add to the number of Spiritual Peers, and that it would in no way interfere with the rights of Nonconformists, he will consider the propriety of withdrawing his Notice of opposition to the Second Reading of the Bill?


I would like to ask whether this Question is in Order? Does it not contain debateable matter by stating that the Bill "would in no way interfere with the rights of Nonconformists?"


The preamble of the Question contains debateable matter, and is not in Order. The hon. and learned Member who proposes to ask it ought to confine himself to asking the direct Question with which the Notice ends.


I will withdraw the preamble, and put the Question in its most simple and naked form.


In answer to my hon. and learned Friend, I may say that, rightly or wrongly, I hold the opinion that the Bill would be injurious to the rights of Nonconformists, and I do not think it is advisable that such a Bill should pass. As to the general opinion of the members of the Church of England—[Cries of "Order!"]—at this late period of the Session it would be impossible properly to discuss the Question, and I must, therefore, decline to withdraw my opposition to the Bill.