HC Deb 12 March 1883 vol 277 cc196-7

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether, seeing that the storeholders and foremen of the Control Department in the Arsenal and Dockyard at Woolwich have, on the average, given three hundred hours' extra time each, sometimes working all night, in packing and shipping stores for the Egyptian Campaign, for which extra work they have received no remuneration, the)' will not be allowed gratuities on the same scale as those which have been allowed to the Troops engaged in the Campaign?


There is no analogy between the duties of a soldier in a campaign and those of a storeholder or foreman at the Royal Arsenal; therefore, the grant of a gratuity to the former cannot form any ground for giving a similar gratuity to the latter. The question has been fully considered by the War Office, and it has been decided that the gratuity cannot be given. At the same time, Her Majesty's Government fully acknowledges the service rendered on this emergency by the storeholders and foremen in the zealous discharge of their duty.