HC Deb 12 March 1883 vol 277 c196

asked, Whether regimental quartermasters are denied the privilege enjoyed by other officers of the Army of becoming candidates for the Army Pay Department; and, if so, what is the reason why this important and deserving class of officers are precluded from obtaining appointments for which the nature of their duties renders them peculiarly qualified?


Yes, Sir; Regimental Quartermasters are not eligible for appointment to the Army Pay Department. That Department was formed in 1878, the qualifications for appointment to it being the holding the substantive rank of Captain in the Regular Forces; and the main reason of the restriction was to provide a means whereby Captains who would become subject to compulsory retirement on completing 20 years' service, or on attaining the age of 40, might be enabled to remain in the Service by joining the Pay Department. If the Pay Department were thrown open to Quartermasters it could hardly be limited to them, and such extension would practically defeat the object of the original restriction. While Captains are compulsorily retired at 40, Quartermasters are not subject to retirement until they attain the age of 55.