HC Deb 12 April 1883 vol 278 cc75-6

asked the Postmaster General, Whether, in view of the proposed cheapening of telegrams, he will consider the possibility of reducing the heavy charge of one shilling a mile for delivery at long distances, a charge which in remote country places, where the need of the telegrap his greatly-felt, puts it beyond the reach of all but the wealthy?


Sir, in reply to the hon. Member, I may state that the charge of 1s. per mile is for the delivery of telegrams by mounted messengers at distances of three or more miles. The whole charge is paid over to the messenger, and the Post Office makes no profit out of it. In Ireland, where mounted messengers can generally be procured at 8d. a-mile, that is all that is charged. It is only the actual cost of delivery that the public are required to pay in any case, and if a message can be sent by a foot messenger, instead of a mounted messenger at a cheaper rate, no objection is made to this being done.