HC Deb 09 April 1883 vol 277 c1832

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether, in remitting, as he proposes, part of the Railway Passenger Duty, security will be taken to insure that season ticket holders shall at once receive the benefit of such remission by the reduction of the five per cent, duty at present levied upon them over and above the cost of their tickets?


Sir, I am not quite sure that I understand the exact object of the Question, in consequence of the introduction into it of the words "at once;" but, if it is that after the Railway Duty Bill passes, persons taking out season tickets may have the benefit of any reduction of the duty as from the 1st of October, I think that will be a matter for the Railway Companies. The duty is paid by them, not by the travellers, and the fares charged on season tickets are not, I think, fixed by law, but by the Companies themselves. I will, however, consider the point before the Bill is introduced, and perhaps my hon. Friend will privately explain to me exactly what his object is.