HC Deb 09 April 1883 vol 277 c1819

asked the Vice President of the Council, Whether any steps have been taken upon a letter, recently addressed to the Lords of the Privy Council by the Devon County Agricultural Association, on the subject of further precautions against the dissemination of foot and mouth disease?


Sir, in the absence of my right hon. Friend (Mr. Mundella) I will answer the Question. It would not be possible to carry out an Order for the disinfection of all hides, as suggested by the North Devon Chamber of Agriculture; but I am informed that the Privy Council have now a plan under consideration for dealing with the hides, offal, and other parts of carcases of animals slaughtered in the country when suffering from foot-and-mouth disease. Provisions have long existed for the disinfection of the hides and offal of diseased foreign animals slaughtered at the Foreign Animals Wharves.