HC Deb 09 November 1882 vol 274 cc1127-8

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, If he could give any information with regard to the explosion at Claycross Colliery, and whether he could state the exact number of lives lost; also, whether Borne legal gentleman would be sent to the inquest to represent the Home Office?


Yes, Sir. I have to say I have received the following telegram from Mr. Evans, the Inspector of Mines in the Claycross district:—

"Claycross, 3 o'clock.

"Twenty-five bodies brought out of the mine. Explorers are hard at work, and we hope to get all the bodies out of the colliery to-night. So far as can be at present ascertained, it is thought the deaths are about 40. Further inspection with view of ascertaining the cause cannot be made for some days. Coroner opened inquiry this day and adjourned it. I will send a written report as soon as possible."

With reference to the last part of the Question, I may say I have already ordered the Home Office to be represented at the inquiry.