HC Deb 16 June 1882 vol 270 cc1405-6

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether Adjutants of the Auxiliary Forces, who do not draw an allowance in kind from any mess, may be exempted from the reduction of commuted allowances for fuel and light, and receive that granted to Staff and Departmental officers; whether the mess allowance, at the rates granted to individual officers of the Royal Engineers away from their mess, on duty, may be extended to Adjutants of Auxiliary Forces; why Adjutants of Auxiliary Forces receive smaller commuted allowances than Departmental officers of the same relative rank, being similarly situated to them as regards deprivation of mess, quarters, servant, fuel, and light; and, why Adjutants of Volunteer Artillery, who draw no extra pay, and draw only the same forage allowance as Adjutants of Engineer and Rifle Volunteers, are called upon to provide themselves with horse appointments of Cavalry pattern, which are much more costly than Infantry pattern, while ail other Artillery Captains and Subalterns who have to use horse appointments (without extra pay) are provided therewith from the public stores?


In reply to the hon. Gentleman, I have to say that the emoluments of the Adjutants of Auxiliary Forces have been increased lately, after full consideration; and I am not prepared to change the particular allowances enumerated in the Question on the mere ground that Staff or Engineer officers draw higher rates. Adjutants of Volunteer Artillery have to provide themselves with horse appointments of Artillery, not Cavalry, pattern. They are not supplied from public stores, because the Adjutants are appointed for five years. Officers of Artillery, who are so supplied, are liable, at short notice, to go to dismounted duty.