HC Deb 05 June 1882 vol 270 c67

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Why the Treasury Minute of the 27th of April 1882, granting increases of salary to out-door officers, watermen, and boatmen of Her Majesty's Customs, is not made to apply to the watermen of the Port of London; and, whether these watermen will be granted increases of their salaries on the conditions laid down in the Minute referred to?


There is no such Treasury Minute of April 27, 1882; but my hon. Friend probably refers to a Minute of January 28 last, under which the salaries of the out-door officers, and watermen, and boatmen throughout the United Kingdom are made uniform. This uniformity was obtained by raising the maximum salaries at the out-ports to the London scale for out-door officers, and for watermen and boatmen. There is, therefore, no intention of raising the salaries of the London staff.