HC Deb 31 May 1881 vol 261 cc1783-5

I wish respectfully to ask you, Mr. Speaker, whether you have received a Letter from the senior Member for the County of Tipperary (Mr. Dillon) complaining that he has been prevented from coming to this House by his arrest when on his way here, and stating that in his absence he has been misrepresented in this House by the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant for Ireland, and asking for your intervention in order that he may be able to resume his duties in this House? I wish also to ask whether you have any objection to communicate the contents of the letter to the House?


I have to inform the hon. Member for the City of Cork that I received yesterday a communication from the senior Member for the County of Tipperary, and last night I answered the letter. With regard to the production of the communication or my answer, that is a matter for the determination of the House.


May I ask you, Sir, to be good enough to inform me in what way I may obtain the opinion of the House as to the desirability of producing the letter, whether it would come on as a matter of Privilege, or in the ordinary way?


It would certainly not come on as a matter of Privilege. If the hon. Member thinks proper to move for the production of the Correspondence, that will be a matter for the House to determine. So far as I am concerned, I can see no objection to its production.


So far as the Government are concerned, to whom reference is generally made on the subject of Returns, we make no objection to the production of the Correspondence, which may be moved for as an unopposed Return.


Sir, I beg to give Notice that I shall move for it to-morrow.


When Mr. Bradlaugh sent a letter to you, Sir, complaining of his, treatment by the House, that was regarded and dealt with as a matter of Privilege. And I would ask whether there is any difference between the two letters which renders this letter from Mr. Dillon incapable of being treated in the same way?


In answer to the hon. Member for Newcastle, I have only to may that I cannot consider that any communication whatever which Mr. Dillon may think proper to make to me is necessarily a Question of Privilege, and to be laid before the House.


I would ask my hon. Friend the Member for Newcastle whether he is not aware that Mr. Bradlaugh is an English Member, and Mr. Dillon is an Irish Member?

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