HC Deb 31 May 1881 vol 261 c1783

asked the Secretary of State for India, If it is a fact that civil war has already broken out in the Kandahar district between Ayoub and Abdurrahman; that the immediate evacuation of the Pishin Valley has been ordered by the Home Government against the wishes of the Indian Government; that the Czar has by Imperial Ukase incorporated in the Russian Empire the whole Country of the Tekke Turcoman's, including Askabad, the furthest part of General Skobeleff's advance, notwithstanding the assurances of his Government that Russia merely intended to punish the Turcomans; that this Country is being colonised by Cossack and Russian immigrants, and that the railway from the Caspian to Herat is being rapidly advanced; that a deputation of Turcoman leaders is at present at St. Petersburg, and has promised fidelity and military service to the Czar, thus securing for Russia the aid of some 60,000 of the finest cavalry in the world?


Sir, it is a fact, as stated in the telegrams which have been communicated by the India Office to the Press, that skirmishes, apparently of an unimportant character, have taken place between the partizans of Abdurrahman and Ayoob Khan. But nothing has yet happened which differs very much in character or degree from the circumstances which have from time to time taken place in that part of the country during the occupation of Candahar by the British troops. With regard to the other Questions which the hon. Member has put to me, I must refer him to the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, as we have no official information at the India Office on the subjects to which he refers.