HC Deb 21 July 1881 vol 263 cc1469-70

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, How much money would be required to satisfy in full the very large financial proposals involved in the scheme of the Senate of the Royal University of Ireland; how far the Government propose to modify these proposals; and, whether Parliament will have any, and (if so) what, opportunity of discussing the scheme?


asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether he intends to submit to Parliament during the present Session the scheme proposed by the Senate of the Royal University of Ireland; how far Her Majesty's Government intend to adopt the proposals in the scheme as to giving Exhibitions of from £15 to £100 each to the professional and other students (number unlimited) who shall pass the Honours Examinations, and as to founding twelve Scholarships of £50 per annum each, fourteen Junior Fellowships of £200 per annum each, and forty-eight Fellowships of £400 per annum each; and, whether, if Government are disposed to entertain these large proposals for the Royal University of Ireland, they will be prepared to institute similar prizes in the Universities of Scotland?


Sir, I am afraid I cannot enter into details in reply to these Questions, for this reason. In a few days a Minister of the Crown will bring forward in the House of Lords a Bill dealing with this subject; and as that will involve a statement of the intentions of the Government, I think it would be better not to anticipate the statement and discussion of it by answers to Questions.