HC Deb 21 July 1881 vol 263 cc1461-2

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether his attention has been called to the statement in this morning's papers that a Revolutionary Congress has been sitting in London; that a public meeting promoted by delegates thereof was held on the night of the 18th in the Cleveland Hall, Cleveland Street, Fitzroy Square, where all nationalities were represented; that government and capital in every form were emphatically denounced; and, whether, if so, it is his intention to take any measures to suppress for the future, proceedings so clearly subversive of all Law and order? He added that he should also be glad to know whether it was a fact that at this same meeting the assassination of the Russian Governor General was openly advocated by a person who was said to be a Russian subject?


said, he would ask, if he might do so without Notice, Whether the conference was not one the holding of which on Swiss territory was prohibited by the Swiss Republic; and whether the gentleman who took the chair was not an active supporter of Her Majesty's Government at the late election?


Sir, I am not aware of the name of the gentleman who took the chair at this meeting, and I must ask for Notice of the Question, as also of the new Question put to me by my hon. Friend the Member for East Cornwall (Mr. Borlase). I put it to hon. Members whether, on a matter of such importance as this, I should be called on to answer Questions without Notice. Anything about an assassination of the Russian Governor General I have never heard of. With regard to the other Questions of my hon. Friend, upon considering a Report that has been made to me upon this subject, I do not find anything which would authorize or justify any action on the part of the Government.