HC Deb 21 July 1881 vol 263 c1462

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Whether, in view of the great inconvenience to important districts and interests, which has resulted from delays in repairing Submarine Cables forming parts of the Postal Telegraphic system, the Treasury will authorise the acquisition by the Post Office of a suitable repairing steamer to be kept constantly available for restoring any communications which may be interrupted?


Sir, I cannot deny that very considerabler inconvenience has been caused this year owing to two submarine cables having required repair at a time when no vessel adapted for the purpose was available. The purchase of a cable ship would entail a heavy charge upon the Estimates, and, looking to the large sums provided in this year's Estimates for the Postal Telegraph service for new works and renewals, the Treasury did not feel justified in asking Parliament to make such provision in the present financial year. The question will, however, be carefully considered when the Estimates for 1882–3 are being prepared.