HC Deb 04 March 1880 vol 251 c298

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether he will direct the omission of Clauses 4,6, and 7, from the Return issued for the assessment of property under the Valuation of Property (Metropolis) Act, the said Clauses being largely disapproved as raising questions which are not essential to an accurate valuation?


Sir, it is not correct to say that the questions raised in Clauses 4, 6, and 7 of the forms are not essential to an accurate valuation. They are all required for purposes of house duty and Income Tax. It was intended to insert clauses in a Valuation Bill last year to provide for similar secrecy to that given in the Income Tax Returns, and this year I propose doing that by a separate Bill now before the House. When that is passed the Returns as issued now will be enforced; but until that Bill passes, remembering the promise of the Chancellor of the Exchequer last year, penalties will not be enforced against those who do not choose to fill up the clauses of the forms which are objected to.