HC Deb 04 March 1880 vol 251 cc297-8

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, If he could inform the House at what hour he expected to be able to bring on his Motion respecting the appropriation of the vacant seats? He should also like to know, What Business was proposed to be taken on Monday next, and at what date it was proposed that the House should rise for the Easter Holidays?


in reply, said, that the Government did not propose at present to proceed with any but the Supplementary Estimates, which it would be necessary to pass without delay, as the Ways and Means Bill had to be passed before the close of the financial year. He hoped that hon. Members in charge of other Bills would be disposed to assist the Government in proceeding with the Appropriation of Seats Bill. He did not propose to proceed with that Bill after half-past 11 o'clock that night. With regard to the noble Lord's last Question, without making an absolute undertaking, he believed the most convenient course would be for the House to rise on Thursday, the 25th instant, and adjourn until Monday week following, the 5th April. While on his legs, he wished to make an appeal to the hon. Baronet the Member for Chelsea (Sir Charles W. Dilke) and the hon. and gallant Gentle- man the Member for Kincardineshire (General Sir George Balfour) with regard to Notices of opposition which they had placed against the Motion for the nomination of the Committee on Public Accounts. He was not aware of the grounds of their opposition; but the effect of it was that the Government were unable to bring forward that Motion after half-past 12. Now, it was important for the regular conduct of the financial Business of the House that the Committee should be nominated within a reasonable time; and if the hon Members in question objected merely to particular names on that Committee they could state their objection when the nomination was made.


said, he believed it was necessary for the Committee to make a Report before the close of the present financial year; and, therefore, he would withdraw his Notice.


said, he would do the same; but he intended to question the constitution of the Committee.