HC Deb 17 June 1880 vol 253 cc195-6

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, If his attention has been called to a statement that the "Antelope" (ship) of Boston, Capt. Chaney, arrived at Bombay on 15th May from Liverpool, reports having seen a large vessel ashore on the Island of Europa in the Mozambique Channel, on 25th March; that the "Antelope" drifted past in a calm and could not get near the island; if he has any reason to believe that the wrecked vessel is the "Carradale" which left the Tyne on the last day of November bound for Bombay; and, if he will give orders to send one of Her Majesty's Ships to Europa Island to inquire as to the wreck and crew?


Sir, in consequence of a representation made to the Admiralty a telegraphic Order was given on the 12th instant to the senior officer at Zanzibar to send a vessel to inquire into the reported wreck at Europa Island. It is the opinion of the Admiralty that the wreck in question is not the vessel referred to by the hon. Member. It seems that when the Island was last visited in 1875, there was a wreck of an iron vessel lying there, and it is supposed that the vessel seen by the Antelope is the same vessel.