HC Deb 14 June 1880 vol 252 c1894

asked the Chief Secre-tary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If it is a fact that the Dispensary Doctor of Arva, county Cavan, refused to give medical attendance to William Will of Coronea, near Arva, county Cavan, although a billet signed by James M'Cann, esquire, P.L.G., was presented to said Doctor; and, if the above statement is correct, whether he will, seeing that Will is 76 years of age and lives on a holding valued at £3 5s. per annum, order, through the Local Government Board, that said Doctor shall give the attendance required?


I find on inquiry that Mr. M'Cann, not belonging to the Board of Guardians in whose Union Will resided, had no power to give him a ticket. The man seemed to be in a position to pay a small fee. I have no power to alter the action of a Board, either in giving or cancelling such an order.