HC Deb 14 June 1880 vol 252 c1892

High Court of Justice in Ireland. Common Pleas Division.

Parliamentary Elections Act, 1868.

In the matter of the Election Petition for the County of Londonderry.

James Forrest and Thomas Walker, Petitioners.

Right Honble. Hugh Law and Sir Thomas McClure, Bart., Respondents.

The said Common Pleas Division, in pursuance of the provisions of the 36th section of the said Act, do hereby Report to the Right Honble, the Speaker of the House of Commons.

That the Petition in this matter, a Copy of which is hereunto annexed, was duly presented to this Division on the 5th day of May 1880. And that the Petitioners on the 11th day of June inst. applied to this Court by special application, pursuant to the said Statute, for leave to withdraw said Petition. And it appearing to the Court that the notice of the said application required by the said Act had been given in the said County, and no person having applied to be substituted as Petitioner instead of the said James Forrest and Thomas Walker.

The Court on the said 11th day of June inst. made an Order permitting the said Petition to be withdrawn, and the same has been withdrawn accordingly. And the Court do hereby Report, in their opinion, the withdrawal of the said Petition was not the result of any corrupt arrangement, or in consideration of the withdrawal of any other Petition.

Signed on behalf of the Court this 11th day of Jane 1880.


Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.

To the Right Honorable The Speaker,

House of Commons.