HC Deb 26 August 1880 vol 256 cc104-5

appealed to those hon. Members who had Notices on the Paper of Business to withdraw them, in order to facilitate Supply. He himself happened to have a Notice with reference to granting the public increased facilities for admission to the National Gallery, and with reference to placing also greater facilities in the way of students. He was not desirous of interposing between the House and Supply, and should not press the matter, if the Government could give him an assurance that they would not be likely to let the matter slip during the Recess.


in reply, said, he was glad to be able to give not only the assurance asked for, but something more. Not only would steps be taken hereafter, but steps had already been taken to secure the object of the hon. Member. A slight increase in the cost of the necessary Staff had been sanctioned by the Treasury, and the Gallery would be opened every week in the year. A small fee would be charged to the students, not with any idea of making money out of the admission, but simply to limit the numbers who would go to the Gallery on the students' days.


hoped the number of days on which students were admitted would be increased. At present they were only two days per week.


said, he could not give any undertaking on this point. If fees were to be charged on students' days, and the latter were to be increased, the number of free days would be very seriously limited.