HC Deb 05 May 1879 vol 245 c1708

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether Sir Alfred Power has resigned his office as President of the Local Government Board in Ireland; and, if so, whether, in consideration of the importance of the subject to the wellbeing of the Country, the Government will pause before making a permanent appointment, and consider the expediency of so far uniting the Local Government Board and the Board of Works as to place at their head a Member of the Government to represent the departments in Parliament?


Sir, I am informed by my right hon. Friend the Chief Secretary for the Lord Lieutenant, who is himself, I believe, President of the Local Government Board, that Sir Alfred Power has resigned the Office of Vice President, and that Mr. Robinson has been nominated for it. I believe that the appointment to be made will be of a satisfactory character. At all events, I think we need not interfere with the proceedings of the Government in endeavouring to deal with the important question to which the hon. Gentleman refers.


Sir, in consequence of the right hon. Gentleman's answer, I beg to give Notice that I shall take the earliest opportunity of calling attention to the scandalous haste with which this appointment has been filled up.