HC Deb 30 July 1879 vol 248 cc1693-4

Resolutions [29th July] reported.


had understood that the Government had promised not to take the Vote for the Consular Service until they had laid certain Papers with reference to it before the House. He found, however, that the Vote had been passed.


did not think that there was any such understanding on the part of the Government; but he believed that the Papers in question would soon be in the hands of hon. Members. He hoped, therefore, that no objection would now be made. He would take that opportunity of correcting an error into which he fell in giving an answer to a question with reference to the salary of one of the Directors of the Suez Canal. He fell into the mistake of saying that during his absence from England, and while acting as Minister to the Khedive, Mr. Rivers Wilson also received his salary as a Director of the Suez Canal. He wished now to state that he found, on inquiry, that that gentleman did not receive his salary as a Director of the Suez Canal during his absence from England.

Resolutions agreed to.