HC Deb 07 July 1879 vol 247 cc1727-8

I beg to ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer a Question, of which I have given him private Notice —namely, Whether his attention has been called to a special telegram which appeared in the " Cork Examiner" on Saturday last, to this effect— To-day and yesterday a stranger, believed to be an official employed by the Government, sat in a side gallery of the House of Commons, and took a note of everything said by a number of Irish Members. It is said that the Government seriously meditate proceeding against these Members on an indictment charging them with malicious, un-Parliamentary, and unlawful obstruction and derangement of Public Business; whether such official was employed by his directions, or with his knowledge; whether he can inform the House that the official so employed to report on Members of this House was an officer the House; and, whether he was so employed for the purpose stated in the special telegram?


The hon. Member says that he gave me private Notice of this Question. He certainly showed me a paper a moment ago behind the Chair, and I have not even had time to read through the paragraph. At the same time, I know nothing upon the subject; but it appears to me to be a matter upon which you, Mr. Speaker, would probably be the right person to appeal to.