HC Deb 14 February 1879 vol 243 cc1194-5

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, If Her Majesty's Government have taken action in support of the Despatch dated 21st October 1878, addressed by the Minister of France for Foreign Affairs to the Turkish Government, in reference to a rectification of the Greek frontier; and, whether he is in a position to inform the House that this important object, recommended by the Treaty of Berlin, is in a fair way of being carried out?


Sir, there is no despatch at the Foreign Office as to the Greek Frontier such as that described in the Question of my hon. Friend—namely, a despatch of October 21 from the French Government to the Turkish Government. With regard to the second Question, I have to state that negotiations in conformity with the Treaty of Berlin are now being carried on.


I hope the hon. Gentleman will allow me to put a Question arising out of his answer. Do I understand him to say there is no French despatch of October 21 in regard to the Greek claims, or merely that there is no French despatch to Turkey?


I answered the Question as it was put down, and any other course would have misled the House. My answer to the hon. Gentleman is strictly correct. The Question of the hon. Baronet is totally different. The despatch mentioned is a Circular addressed to the Powers, which will be found in the Papers. To show how wrong I should be to give a different answer, I will remind the House that the Turkish Government, which, according to my hon. Friend, was addressed by the French Government, is, in fact, the only Power concerned which has not been so addressed.