HC Deb 25 July 1878 vol 242 c228

I beg to ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer a Question, of which I have given him private Notice—Whether he will lay upon the Table before or on Monday next a Copy of the treaty or engagement between the Emperors of Austria, Germany, and Russia alluded to by Lord Derby in a speech last Thursday, in which he is reported to have said— I do not believe that the cession of these two Provinces, Bosnia and Herzegovina, could have been prevented. I will only notice as a curious fact that, although, as I understood it, the annexation was proposed by the British Representatives at the Congress, yet we well knew that their transfer to Austria was part of the original engagement between the three Emperors entered into some five years ago.


Sir, I received a few hours ago an intimation from the hon. Gentleman of this Question. I can only say, in answer to it, that Her Majesty's present Advisers have no knowledge of any such engagement as that which Lord Derby is reported to have mentioned; but if the hon. Gentleman will give Notice of his Question for another day, the Records of the Foreign Office shall be searched, to ascertain if any evidence of it is to be found.


I shall repeat the Question to-morrow.


I wish to point out to the hon. Member that he is not in Order in referring to a debate in the House of Lords in the present Session.


I beg your pardon, Sir. I said "in a speech last Thursday." I studiously avoided referring to the House of Lords in my Question.