HC Deb 22 July 1878 vol 241 c2056

asked Mr. Attorney General, If he would be so kind as to inform the House under what law British soldiers may be tried and punished in time of peace by Court Martial in Cyprus or other Crown Colonies if, as has been asserted, the Mutiny Act does not extend beyond the British Isles?


The Annual Mutiny Act, and the Articles of War made there under, apply as well in time of peace as in time of war to all soldiers in Her Majesty's service, both at home and abroad, except the Indian Native troops, who are subject to Articles of War framed under the Indian Mutiny Act. It is a mistake to suppose that I ever asserted that the Mutiny Act does not extend beyond the British Isles. What I said in a recent debate was that the provisions of the Bill of Rights with regard to standing Armies were confined to Great Britain. I beg to add that Cyprus is not a Crown Colony.