HC Deb 21 February 1878 vol 238 cc58-9

asked the Lord Advocate, If his attention has been called to the case of Agnes Adams, a woman born in Dungannon, in the county Tyrone, who, after being many years resident in Scotland, was under a warrant granted by two Justices of the Peace for the city of Glasgow removed from Glasgow and delivered to the Master of the Thomastown Union, in the county of Kilkenny, though it appears she was not born in, nor had ever been resident in and was not in any way connected with the county of Kilkenny; if he can state whether any, and, if so, what examination was made by the said Justices before they addressed a warrant to compel the Thomastown Union to receive Agnes Adams; has any investigation been made into the conduct of the said Justices in the matter, and what has been the result of the investigation; and, is there any remedy for the injury suffered by the Thomastown Union, and in what way can that Union be recouped the expenses occasioned by Agnes Adams having been thus illegally left a charge on that Union?


Sir, I beg to reply to the Question of the hon. Gentleman, as the Lord Advocate is unavoidably absent. The learned Lord's attention was called to the allegation, and he made inquiries through the Board of Supervision. The pauper Agnes Adams was examined before two justices, and she stated on oath that she was born in Dungannon, county Kilkenny, and her deposition to that effect was, in consequence of her statement that she could not write, authenticated by the two justices in the usual form by their subscribing their signatures. The Lord Advocate had no reason to doubt that the pauper did make the statement on oath, as recorded by the justices. If it was the case that she was not born at Dungannon, county Kilkenny, but at Dungannon in the county of Tyrone, the Lord Advocate would recommend the Board of Supervision to give every assistance in their power to have the pauper re-transmitted to Glasgow. With regard to the legal point raised in the last half of the Question, the Lord Advocate does not feel called upon to give any information on that part of the inquiry.