HC Deb 31 March 1876 vol 228 c1038

Select Committee appointed, "to take into consideration the freeing of the remaining Toll-paying Bridges over the Thames, and the most equitable mode of raising the necessary funds, and to report to the House."—(Mr. Alderman M'Arthur.)

And, on April 10, Committee nominated as follows:—Mr. Alderman M'ARTHUR, Sir TREVOR LAWRENCE, Sir CHARLES RUSSELL, Mr. FORTESCUE HARRISON, Mr. Serjeant SPINKS, Sir JAMES HOOG, Mr. STANSFELD, Sir JAMES LAWRENCE, Mr. YOUNG, Colonel JERVIS, Mr. WILLIAM HOLMS, Mr. FORSYTH, Mr. GRANTHAM, Mr. PULESTON, and Mr. MUNDELLA:—That the Committee have power to send for persons, papers, and records; That Five be the quorum.

That the Reports of the following Select Committees of this House, and the Evidence taken before them, be referred to the Committee, namely, the Committee of 1836 on Metropolitan Communications and the Freeing of Waterloo and Southwark Bridges; the Committee of 1841 on Metropolitan Improvements and the Freeing Waterloo and other Bridges; the Committee of 1854 upon the Thames Bridges, including the Freeing of the Toll Paying Bridges; the Committee of 1855 upon Metropolitan Communications, including the Bridges over the Thames; and the Committee of 1865 upon the Metropolitan Toll Bridges Bill and the Chelsea Toll Abolition Bill.