HC Deb 26 June 1876 vol 230 c426

asked the Secretary of State for War, If it is true that Medical Officers who were appointed by His Royal Highness the Commander in Chief to the medical charge of regiments for five years, prior to the issue of the last new Warrant of April 1876, are to be removed from those regiments and sent on Foreign Service before the completion of said period of five years?


Yes, Sir, they are; as by the recent medical Warrant of the 28th of April, 1876, the Department has become unified, and the paragraph attaching medical officers to regiments for five years, as a rule, under the Warrant of 1873, has been abolished. All medical officers, whether formerly attached to regiments or depÔt brigades, or not, are now placed on one general roster, according to their service at home, sending abroad first those who have served at home longest. I may mention that the first of these has not served out of this country for 15 years.