HC Deb 06 July 1876 vol 230 c1042

Public Bills—Ordered—First Reading—Registry of Deeds (Ireland)* [233].

First Reading—Metropolitan Commons (Barnes)* [234]; General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Provisional Order Confirmation (Paisley)* [235]—(Perth)* [236]; Public Health (Scotland) Provisional Order (Irvine and Dundonald)* [237]; Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation (Tolleshunt Major)* [238]; Local Government Provisional Orders (Carnarvon, &c.)* [239];Provisional Orders (Ireland) Confirmation (Coleraine, &c.)* [240].

Second Reading—University of Cambridge [151]; Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) [159]; Provisional Orders (Ireland) Confirmation* [220]; Elementary Education Provisional Orders Confirmation (Hailsham, &c.)* [223]—(Hornsey)* [224];Turnpike Acts Continuance, &c.* [209]; Isle of Man (Officers)* [215]; Pensions Commutation Acts Amendment* [230]; Sea and River Banks (Lincolnshire)* [213].

Committee—Report—Public Works Loans (re-comm.)* [228]; Trade Marks Registration Amendment* [217];Tramways Orders Confirmation (Bristol, &c.)* [203]; Notices to Quit (Ireland) (re-comm.)* [226].

Considered as amended—Customs Duties Consolidation* [188]; Customs Laws Consolidation* [154]; Elver Fishing* [225].

Third Reading—County of Peebles Justiciary District (Scotland)* [212]; Bankers' Books Evidence* [205], and passed.

Withdrawn—Maritime Contracts* [50].