HC Deb 06 July 1876 vol 230 c1042

asked the Chairman of the Metropolitan Board of Works, Whether, having regard to the numerous casualties which have of late occurred in the vicinity of the Thames Embankment, it is not practicable, either by suspending a chain perpendicularly from each of the iron rings now fixed in the walls of the Embankment, or by suspending a line of chains from ring to ring, or by any other process, to afford some means of escape, not only to those who may fall into the river, but also to those who on such occasions are frequently willing to risk their own lives in attempting to save the life of another?


I was not aware of the numerous casualties referred to by my hon. Friend; but, in reply to him, I beg to state that the question of guarding against such accidents has been frequently under the consideration of the Metropolitan Board, and the means suggested by my hon. Friend have been considered amongst others, but they were found open to many objections, and not likely to be practically useful.

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