HC Deb 05 August 1876 vol 231 c565

New Writ Issued—For the Borough, of Leeds, v. Robert Meek Carter, esquire, Manor of Northstead.

Supply—considered in Committee—Civil Service Estimates—Class V.

Ways and MEANS—considered in Committee—Consolidated Fund (£28,703,043)*.

Public Bills—Ordered—First Reading—Chairmen's Jurisdiction (Ireland) [286].

Second Reading—Suez Canal (Shares)* [189]; Companies Acts (1862 and 1867) Amendment)* [211]; Legal Practitioners* [43].

Committee—Report—Tramways (Ireland) Acts Amendment (Dublin) (re-comm.)* [207].

Considered as amended—Municipal Privileges (Ireland) [39].

Third Reading—Elementary Education [277], and passed.

Withdrawn—Registry of Deeds (Ireland)* [233]; Offences against the Person* [1].

The House met at Twelve of the clock.