HC Deb 02 March 1875 vol 222 c1050

asked the President of the Board of Trade, Whether, having regard to the numerous shipwrecks and disasters to shipping which are constantly occurring in the Bristol Channel, as exhibited by the Wreck Chart of 1874, Her Majesty's Government will not consider the expediency of providing more effectual means for the preservation of life and property in that locality by the construction of some harbour of refuge accessible to vessels at all times of the tide?


The wreck chart now in preparation is for the last half of 1873 and first of 1874, and shows a favourable contrast for the Bristol Channel as compared with other parts. Harbours of Refuge have been suggested about the mouth of the Bristol Channel, at Padstow, The Mumbles, and Lundy Isle; but none of the casualties which occurred in the year referred to would have been saved by a harbour at any one of those localities. There are places where a much stronger and prior claim on Government aid in the general public interest has been laid; but local authorities in any place where a case of urgent local requirement can be made out will receive such consideration of their own undertaking as the law enables the Government to give.