HC Deb 08 June 1874 vol 219 cc1154-5

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether Her Majesty's Government have been in communication with the Metropolitan Board of Works, with the view of widening the road at the top of Grosvenor Place, or taking any other steps to case the block of traffic at Hyde Park Corner; and, whether he can inform the House what course he proposes to pursue to effect this necessary improvement?


, in reply, said, that he had not as yet communicated with the Metropolitan Board of Works respecting the widening of the upper part of Grosvenor Place, because the scheme which he had been considering for the relief of the traffic at that point was not sufficiently matured to enable the Metropolitan Board of Works fairly to consider it. He could assure the right hon. Gentleman—and he believed it was unnecessary for him to assure his hon. and gallant Friend the Chairman (Sir James Hogg)—that he should not decide upon any question of metropolitan improvement without conferring with him and his colleagues—neither should he do anything in the matter which could in any way be distasteful to them, or which would lessen their responsibility. Perhaps he (Lord Henry Lennox) might be allowed, at the same time, to answer a Question on the same subject which was to be put to him later by his noble Friend the Member for Marlborough (Lord Ernest Bruce), and to say that he hoped shortly to be able to submit a plan for relieving the present dangerous state of affairs at Hyde Park Corner. When he did so, he would at the same time cause a model showing the proposed change to be exhibited in the library of the House of Commons, or in one of the rooms adjacent to it.