HC Deb 14 June 1872 vol 211 c1743

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether the statement in the public journals that Mrs. Neill addressed a letter to the Lord Lieutenant, specifying the priest by whom and other circumstances connected with the altar denunciation on the Sunday preceding her murder is true; and, if so, whether any measures were taken in consequence of such communication?


I think, Sir, it would have been more convenient if the hon. Member had given a somewhat longer Notice of this Question, for it having appeared only in the Paper of this morning, I have been unable to get that full information which I should desire from Dublin. I hope the hon. Member will excuse me for calling attention to the grammar of his Question, which, I think, might be improved on further consideration. From the shortness of the time I have not been able to ascertain whether or not the rumour is correct that any letter was addressed to the Lord Lieutenant by Mrs. Neill. I am, however, aware that an inquiry has been made into an alleged denunciation by a priest, and the result of that inquiry is that that priest referred to the case of Mrs. Neill and her tenants from the altar, and offered to subscribe to the defence fund. He, however, advised the people to keep within the law, and commit no offence. So far as I am aware there was no denunciation from the altar.


said, he would repeat his Question on Tuesday.