HC Deb 05 June 1871 vol 206 cc1531-2

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Stafford County (Western Division), v. Hugo Francis Meynell Ingram, esquire, deceased.

SUPPLY—considered in CommitteeResolutions [June 1] reported—CIVIL SERVICE ESTIMATES.

PUBLIC BILLS—OrderedFirst Reading—Brixton Prison* [177]; Local Government Supplemental (No. 3)* [178]; New Mint Building Site* [176].

First Reading—Oyster and Mussel Fisheries Supplemental (No. 2)* [175].

Second Reading—Metropolitan Board of Works (Loans)* [140]; Corrupt Practices Act Amendment* [152]; Judgments (Ireland)* [167].

Committee—Army Regulation [39]—R.P.

Considered as amended—Gas and Water Provisional Orders Confirmation* [128]; Norwich Voters Disfranchisement* [155]; Poor Law (Provisional Orders Confirmation)* [148].

Third ReadingGas Works Clauses Act (1847) Amendment (No. 2)* [150], and passed.

Withdrawn—Vaccination (Scotland)* [118].