HC Deb 30 June 1868 vol 193 cc370-1

said, he wished to ask the Vice President of the Board of Trade (with reference to an inquiry lately held at Penzance into the loss of the steamer Garonne), Whether the Report of the inquiry published in the Western Times, wherein it is stated that Mr. O'Dowd, Solicitor of the Board of Customs, said in his speech, "The boats were got out, and he would be able to show that the men who were saved brought with them bags full of clothes "is true; and whether the fact so stated by Mr. O'Dowd has not been proved by the evidence to have occurred, whilst the passengers, including several women and children were left to perish; and, if he will lay Copy of the Evidence and Report upon the Table of the House?


said, in reply, that Mr. O'Dowd was in Ireland; but that a telegram from him had been received that afternoon stating that the report of his speech referred to by the hon. and gallant Admiral was accurate, and it certainly appeared from the evidence that some of the sailors who were saved had bags of clothes with them. Very little effort seemed to have been made to save the passengers. There appeared to have been a total absence of order and discipline, owing, no doubt, to a want of firmness and presence of mind in the master and chief officer, who, it was only fair to say, were also regardless of their own safety, and went down with the vessel. The Report and main part of the evidence, which were somewhat voluminous, had been published in the Western Times. If the hon. and gallant Admiral wished to move for those documents there would be no objection to produce them.