HC Deb 30 June 1868 vol 193 cc371-2

said, that as steps were being taken for intersecting the western portion of Rotten Row by a carriage road, and apprehending that that intersection might increase the inconvenience already existing from the crowding of that part of Rotten Row where persons had been accustomed to ride, he wished to ask the First Commissioner of Works, Whether there will be any extension of or addition to the Ride in Rotten Row to compensate for the interference with the Ride, occasioned by the carriage road now being made across Rotten Row near Kensington Gardens?


, in reply, said, the Government did not contemplate this year making any addition to Rotten Row in consequence of the road that would shortly be made across it in the direction mentioned by the right hon. Gentleman. But, undoubtedly, next year, on the north side of the Albert Memorial it would be necessary to make considerable alterations and improvements in connection with that Memorial. Then, at the western portion of Rotten Row, which was now very inconvenient and narrow, it would be requisite to take steps to compensate for the part of the Ride that would be taken for the road.


wished to ask, Whether that would be in addition to the £6,000 taken this year?


said, that the £6,000 taken this year would be absorbed by the new roads and lodges to the south and east of the Memorial.