HC Deb 25 June 1868 vol 192 cc2130-1

said, he wished to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether the Judges of the Designs for the New Courts of Justice were unanimous in recommending the design of Mr. Street as the best for external elevation; and, if not, whether he will give the names of the Judges who supported the recommendation; whether the votes of Messrs, Shaw and Pownall were token on the question, and whether they or either of them concurred in the decision come to; whether the Lord Chancellor, as Head of the Courts of Justice Building Committee, has not announced that the object of the competition was to test generally the relative merits of the architects, so that Mr. Street's design was consequently adopted as the best architectural composition; and, whether the Secretary to the Treasury will exhibit Mr. Street's successful design in the Library, in order that the House may test the decision of the Judges?


said, he regretted that he was not in a position to answer the first two Questions of the hon. Gentleman, not being aware whether the Judges were unanimous, or whether the votes of Messrs. Shaw and Pownall, the professional Judges employed, were taken or not. All the information in the possession of the Treasury would be laid upon the table in a day or two. He saw no possible advantage in placing Mr. Street's design in the Library. It had been publicly exhibited for many weeks, if not months, in juxtaposition with the other designs for the Courts of Justice.


said, he wished to know, Whether the designs had been exhibited to the public at large or to privileged persons?


said, he believed that the public had the opportunity of gaining admission to the exhibition of the designs.


Would the hon. Gentleman take any steps to ascertain whether the Judges were unanimous?


said, he could not admit that it was any part of his duty to answer that Question.


said, he wished to ask the First Commissioner of Works, If the intention of the Government to appoint Mr. Street (whose design was approved by the Judges for elevation only) sole Architect of the New Law Courts was communicated to the Royal Commission, and whether the Royal Commission has expressed any opinion on the appointment?


said, that the intention to appoint Mr. Street was communicated to the Royal Commission without delay. The Commissioners had since held no meeting, and they had therefore expressed no opinion on the subject.