HC Deb 25 June 1868 vol 192 c2130

House informed, that the Committee had determined,—

That John William Miles, esquire, is not duly elected a Citizen to serve in this present Parliament for the City of Bristol.

That the last Election for the said City is avoid Election.

And the said Determinations were ordered to be entered in the Journals of this House.

House further informed, that the Committee had agreed to the following Resolutions:—

That the said John William Miles was, by his Agents, guilty of bribery at the last Election for the City of Bristol, but such bribery was committed without the knowledge or consent of the said J. W. Miles.

That it was proved to the Committee that treating prevailed to some extent at the said Election: but it was not proved that such treating took place with the knowledge of the said John William Miles.

That the Committee have no reason to believe that Corrupt Practices extensively prevailed at the said Election, regard being had to the number of Registered Electors for the said City of Bristol.

Report to lie upon the Table.

Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee to be laid before this House.—(Mr. Howes.)

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