HC Deb 15 June 1868 vol 192 c1561

said, he wished to ask the Vice President of the Privy Council on Education, Whether he has observed in the Annual Report of the Smallpox Hospital just issued the increase in vaccinated cases from 66.7 per cent in the epidemic of 1851–2 to 84.1 percent in 1867, and how this is accounted for; and, when the Report of the Medical Officer of the Privy Council, which Members were informed they might calculate on having in their hands immediately after the Easter Recess, will be delivered?


said, in reply, that the Privy Council Report had been delayed in consequence of the great number of chromo-lithographs which it was to contain, and in consequence of the work of lithography occupying much more time than he had anticipated. With regard to the Smallpox Hospital he had to say that he had seen the Report alluded to; but in consequence of the great number of cases he feared that the operation of vaccination must have been performed very imperfectly